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Beethoven's 3rd

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99 Minutes


The story begins as Richard Newton, his wife Beth, daughter Sara and son Brennan prepare for a cross-country drive to a family reunion. For Richard, it's a dream vacation. For his family, it's boredom on wheels - until the appearance of a surprise passenger: the huge, rollicking, slobbering, lovable dog, Beethoven. Richard has promised to take Beethoven to the reunion and deliver him to his owner, Richard's brother. Beth and Brennan are less than thrilled with this news, especially when the excitable Beethoven unleashes a string of canine calamities! But when two bumbling thieves threaten the safety of the Newtons, it's Beethoven who sets out to put the bite on the bad guys and forever win a place in his new family's hearts.


Big Nate Kanae
Blake Boyd
Dana Lee
Danielle Keaton
Dean Wayton
Frank Gorshin
Greg Pitts
Holly Mitchell
James Kiriyama-Lem
Jamie Marsh
Joe Pichler
Judge Reinhold
Julia Sweeney
Mark Carlton
Michaela Gallo
Mike Ciccolini
Phil Hawn
Scott Evans



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