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Battle of the Brave

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143 Minutes


BATTLE OF THE BRAVE is set against the sweeping backdrop of history and is the epic tale of great passion and sacrifice in a time of war. When Canada is besieged by British forces, two brave lovers risk everything to protect their freedom and the freedom of Quebec. Marie-Loup Carignan, a peasant woman and single mother, is madly in love with Francois, a French-Canadian trapper. Discovering that local French authorities are in league with the British, Francois becomes a resistance leader which endangers everything the lovers hold dear.


Alexander Bisping
Bianca Gervais
Billy Merasty
Colm Meaney
David La Haye
David Troughton
Gérard Depardieu
Irène Jacob
Isabel Richer
Jason Isaacs
Jean-Louis Roux
Johanne-Marie Tremblay
Juliette Gosselin
Louise Laparé
Maud Beauchemin
Maxime Allard
Michael Maloney
Michael Rudder
Micky Sebastian
Monique Mercure
Myriam De Verger
Noémie Godin-Vigneau
Patrick Goyette
Paul Savoie
Philippe Dormoy
Pierre Lebeau
Roc Lafortune
Sébastien Huberdeau
Tim Roth
Tim Roth
Vincent Pérez



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