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80 Minutes


Brush up on hot girls and easy money in this raunchy adventure that will have you falling out of your chair with laughter! Andrew Wood (David Lengel, TV's House M.D., Everybody Hates Chris) is a horny college student … and he's afraid his receding hairline will cut back on his sex life. To help his buddy get a hair transplant, Andrew's roommate Max (Jonathan Cherry, House of the Dead, Final Destination 2) starts a sexy, bare-all Internet website featuring the most attractive girls in school. The website is wildly successful, but when the girls' parents discover what their daughters are up to, it's war between the generations. Featuring famed wrestler Dallas Page and Bikini Destinations host Lisa Gleave, BALD shines with outrageous comedy action!


Abigail Richie
Brian Lloyd
Cedric Yarbrough
David Lengel
Jonathan Cherry
Lisa Gleave
Matt Crabtree
Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr
Rachel Specter
Whitney Anderson



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