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Aspen Extreme

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113 Minutes


T.J. and his friend Dexter quit their jobs in Detroit to become ski-instructors in Aspen. While T.J. advances to the most popular instructor of the school during the season, he has to take care for Dexter, who's future is less bright and who's eventually thinking about jobbing as drug courier - bringing their friendship to a test. Meanwhile the rich business woman Brice supports T.J. in his writing ambitions and invites him to live at her home. But in her absence he falls in love with the stunningly beautiful blond radio moderator Robin.


Catherine Parks
Finola Hughes
Martin Kemp
Nicolette Scorsese
Paul Gross
Peter Berg
Rod Mccary
Stan Ivar
Teri Polo
Trevor Eve
William Mcnamara
William Russ



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