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Arsène Lupin

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84 Minutes


A charming and very daring thief known as Arsene Lupin is terrorizing the wealthy of Paris, he even goes so far as to threaten the Mona Lisa. But the police, led by the great Guerchard, think they know Arsene Lupin's identity, and they have a secret weapon to catch him.


Albert Petit
Carl M. Leviness
Christian J. Frank
Claire Du Brey
Claude Payton
Ellinor Vanderveer
Florence Wix
Frank Mcclure
George Davis
Georges Renavent
Geraldine Dvorak
Hector V. Sarno
Henry Armetta
Henry Roquemore
Henry Sedley
Jack Byron
Jack Deery
James T. Mack
Joe Sawyer
John Barrymore
John Miljan
Karen Morley
King Mojave
Leo White
Lionel Barrymore
Mary Jane Irving
Milton Royce
Nicholas Soussanin
Olaf Hytten
Philip Sleeman
Roland Varno
Symona Boniface
Theodore Lorch
Tully Marshall



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