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Arrest Bulldog Drummond

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57 Minutes


War clouds were very obviously starting to gather around Europe at the time that Arrest Bulldog Drummond -- completed in 1938 and issued in January of 1939 -- was released. John Howard plays the adventurer hero of the title and H. B. Warner portrays his friend Colonel Nielson of Scotland Yard. This time the case involves an experimental ray machine that can cause explosions at great distances -- and the man behind it all is Rolf Alferson, played by veteran British character actor George Zucco (who made a career out of playing mad scientists, mad cultists etc. -- the operant word being “mad”).


Billy Bevan
Claud Allister
Clyde Cook
David Clyde
Dolores Casey
E.E. Clive
Eugene Jackson
Evan Thomas
Ferdinand Munier
Forrester Harvey
Frank Baker
Frank Lackteen
George Regas
George Zucco
Gerald Rogers
Grace Hayle
H.B. Warner
Harold Garrison
Hercules Mendez
Jean Fenwick
Jimmy Aubrey
John Davidson
John Howard
John Rogers
John Sutton
Joyce Mathews
Kathryn Bates
Leonard Mudie
Neil Craig
Neil Fitzgerald
Olaf Hytten
Reginald Denny
Ruth Rogers
Sam Savitsky
Sheila Darcy
Steve Clemente
Zeffie Tilbury



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