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79 Minutes


Kay Kyser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge entertain the troops overseas.


Al Norman
Alan Carney
Allen Jung
Arno Frey
Arnold Stanford
Barbara Coleman
Barbara Hale
Bernard Sell
Billy Wilkerson
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Wong
Bud Townsend
Buford Turner
Carl Neubert
Carl Saxe
Charles Heard
Charles Straight
Chester Conklin
Claire Carleton
Clarence Peterson
Cliff Storey
Colin Kenny
Crane Whitley
Dan Dowling
Daun Kennedy
Diane Pendleton
Dick Scott
Don Bryant
Don Kemp
Drake Thornton
Duncan Renaldo
Edmund Glover
Edward Astran
Esther Brodelet
Eugene Anderson Jr
Faith Kruger
Frank Puglia
Fred Cavens
Fred Essler
Gale Amber
Gene Stone
George Ford
George Golden
George Hoagland
Georges Renavent
Georgia Carroll
Hansel Warner
Harry Babbitt
Henry Guttman
Ivan Lebedeff
Jack Alfred
Jadin Wong
James Courtney
James Waters
James Westerfield
Joan Barclay
Joan Davis
Joan Valerie
Joe Roach
John Albright
John Dilson
John Jenkins
John Piffle
Josh Milton
Julie Conway
Julius Cramer
Kay Kyser
Kay Kyser Band
Kenneth Cutler
Lee Moore
Lee Trent
Leyland Hodgson
Louis Mercier
Louise Currie
Lucienne & Ashour
M.A. Bogue
Mal Merrihugh
Marcel De La Brosse
Marcy Mcguire
Margie Stewart
Mary Halsey
Mary Maclaren
Mike Killian
Mischa Auer
Nils Althin
Norman Mayes
Paul Kay
Peter Chong
Philip Ahn
Ralph Littlefield
Ray Spiker
Red Knight
Renny Mcevoy
Richard Clarke
Robert Armstrong
Roland Got
Rolf Lindau
Rosemary La Planche
Selmer Jackson
Sherry Hall
Shirley O'Hara
Stanley Logan
Sully Mason
Sung Li
Terrance Ray
Victor De Linsky
Wally Brown
Walter Bonn
Wilhelm Von Brincken
William Dyer Jr.
William Manning



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