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115 Minutes


Academy Award-nominee Viggo Mortensen ("A History of Violence," "The Lord of the Rings" franchise) stars as Everett Hitch and Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Ed Harris ("A Beautiful Mind," "The Truman Show") stars as Virgil Cole in this Western directed by Harris himself. The paths of two gunmen tracking an escaped murderer and that of a beautiful, dangerous widow with an agenda of her own collide in the lawless western town of Appaloosa. In Appaloosa, they find a small, dusty town suffering at the hands of a renegade rancher with so little regard for the law that he has taken supplies, horse and women for his own and left the city marshal and one of his deputies for dead. Cole and Hitch, itinerant lawmen, are used to cleaning up after opportunistic thieves, but this time they find an unusually wily adversary--one who raises the stakes not by playing with the rules, but with emotions.


Ariadna Gil
Cerris Morgan-Moyer
Ed Harris
Gabriel Marantz
James Gammon
Jeremy Irons
Lance Henriksen
Luce Rains
Renée Zellweger
Robert Jauregui
Timothy Spall
Timothy V. Murphy
Tom Bower
Viggo Mortensen



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