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Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

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83 Minutes


Take a peek into the illustrious career of one of today's most prolific photographers - Annie Leibovitz. Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens, traces the arc of her photographic life, her aspirations to artistry and the trajectory of her career which has produced some of today's most recognizable and iconic photos. The film directed by her sister, Barbara Leibovitz, depicts the various phases that shaped her life including childhood, the tumultuous sixties, her transition from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair magazine and later her most significant personal relationships including motherhood. The film's highlights center on interviews with her most famous subjects, mentors and colleagues - along with personal insight from Leibovitz herself - to reveal the evolution of inarguably one of today's most influential visual artists.


Andrew Wylie
Anna Wintour
Annie Leibovitz
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bette Midler
Chris Rock
Dave Monsees
David Felton
Demi Moore
Edward Graydon Carter
George Clooney
Gloria Steinem
Hillary Rodham Clinton
James Danziger
Jane Sarkin
Jason Schwartzman
Jimmy Moffat
Jimmy Moffat
Julia Roberts
Kazuyo Sejima
Keira Knightley
Keith Richards
Keith Richards
Kirsten Dunst
Marilyn Leibovitz
Mark Holborn
Mark Morris
Mick Jagger
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Paula Leibovitz
Philippe Garner
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Pledge
Ruth Ansel
Susan Leibovitz
Tina Brown
Vicki Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg
Yoko Ono



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