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Animals United

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93 Minutes


When the African savannah runs dry, Billy, a courageous meerkat, and Socrates, a laid back lion, prepare to go the distance in order to find water. On their journey they cross paths with a rooster named Charles, who tells them of a place where the water still flows. But by the time Charles leads them there, humans have already staked their claim - a local entrepreneur has constructed a dam in order to divert the water to his luxury hotel. Now Billy and Socrates must call in all of their animal friends in order to teach humans a thing or two about sharing the land!


Andy Serkis
Bastian Pastewka
Christoph Maria Herbst
Constantin Von Jascheroff
Dawn French
√Člisabeth Williams
Erica Schroeder
James Corden
Jason Donovan
Jason Griffith
Jessica Owen
Jim Broadbent
Marc Thompson
Mischa Goodman
Nana Spier
Nicola Devico Mamone
Oliver Kalkofe
Omid Djalili
Ralf Schmitz
Sean Schemmel
Stephen Fry
Thomas Fritsch
Vanessa Redgrave



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