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93 Minutes


The follow-up to the Academy Award nominated Dogtooth, the title of the film refers to the name given by its leader to a tiny organization whose four members impersonate dead people for the obscure benefit of the recently bereaved. When the leader of the group places a call to the operatives of Alps, they will literally fill the shoes of your dearly departed. They will be your dead husband or your cherished teenage daughter killed in a car wreck. They will live in your home, under your roof and replay precious moments whenever you choose. Yorgos Lanthimos's film follows the fortunes of one of these employees, the sad-eyed Nurse (Aggeliki Papoulia), as she goes native, venturing off piste into ever more treacherous terrain.


Aggeliki Papoulia
Ariane Labed
Aris Servetalis
Efthymis Filippou
Johnny Vekris
Stavros Psyllakis



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