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All Mine to Give

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103 Minutes


This is the story of the Eunson family and their attempt to establish a new life for themselves in America. Jo and Robert Eunson have come from Scotland and are soon well established in their new home of Eureka. They and their 6 children fit in quickly in their new community. Tragedy strikes however when one of the boys contacts diphtheria. He recovers but patriarch Robert succumbs to the disease. As a single parent, mother Jo works as a seamstress but she too dies, of typhoid. On her deathbed, she asks the eldest, 12 year-old Robbie, to find good homes for all of the children. On Christmas day, he sets out to find homes for each of his siblings.


Alan Hale Jr.
Butch Bernard
Cameron Mitchell
Ellen Corby
Ernest Truex
Francis De Sales
Glynis Johns
Hope Emerson
Jon Provost
Patty Mccormack
Reta Shaw
Rex Thompson
Rita Johnson
Royal Dano
Stephen Wootton
Sylvia Field
Yolanda White



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