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All Men Are Brothers

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102 Minutes


"All Men Are Brothers" is the sequel to "Water Margin" a.k.a. "Seven Blows of the Dragon" from 1972. At the beginning of "All Men Are Brothers", we learn that the emperor forgives the 108 Liangshan rebels since he finds they have the same enemies. The small army tries to conquer the city Hangchow, but is defeated. They send 7 spies to gather information about the city's defense before they attack a second time.


Betty Chung
Bolo Yeung
Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan
Chang Yang
Chen Feng-Chen
Chen Kuan-Tai
Cheng Lui
Chin Chun
Chin Feng
Chu Mu
Danny Lee Sau-Yin
David Chiang
Elliot Ngok
Fan Mei-Sheng
Fung Hak-On
Huang Pei-Chih
Ku Feng
Lau Gong
Lee Yung-Git
Leung Seung-Wan
Lily Ho Li-Li
Pang Pang
Paul Chun Pui
Tetsurō Tamba
Ti Lung
Tin Ching
Tung Lam
Wai-Man Chan
Wang Kuang-Yu
Wong Ching
Wong Chung
Yeung Chak-Lam
Yue Fung



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