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All American Christmas Carol

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87 Minutes


Self-centered, unemployed good ol' gal Cindy (Taryn Manning) has been popping out kids by different daddies since she was knee high to a grasshopper, but she's more interested in buying lottery tickets and doing what's best for herself than parenting. The only thing in Cindy's fridge is Cheese Doodle, which also happens to be her youngest son's name. With her reckless ways and loose legs, it's no surprise she's about to lose her kids. But when three unlikely ghosts set out to show Cindy the error of her white-trashy ways, she begins to realize she'd better reform or elseā€¦


Beverly D'Angelo
Brianna Kellum
Ciara Hanna
Emily Alyn Lind
Eric Roberts
Lin Shaye
Meat Loaf
Sadie Katz
Shiri Appleby
Spencer Locke
Taryn Manning
Wendi Mclendon-Covey
Will Babbitt



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