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All About Women

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120 Minutes


Hong Kong film maestro Tsui Hark is back on top form with this delightfully quirky romantic comedy. Drop dead gorgeous businesswoman Tang (Kitty Zhang), tomboyish rock singer Tie (Guey Lun Mei) and eccentric scientist Fanfan (Zhou Xun) cross paths and eventually come together to carry out their common mission to find Mr. Right. But will their collaboration work or will it go spectacularly wrong instead? Filled with witty dialogues written by Korean director Kwak Jae Yong of MY SASSY GIRL fame, Technicolor-style visuals and the winning combination of the three gorgeous lead actresses, ALL ABOUT WOMEN is a roller coaster ride of romantic adventures and zany characters and a supreme comeback for one of Asia's greatest directors.


Alex Fong Chung-Sun
Godfrey Gao
Kitty Zhang Yuqi
Kwai Lun-Mei
Peng Yuyan
Stephen Fung
Zhou Xun



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