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Alien Trespass

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90 Minutes


Beware, earthlings. From The X-Files' R.W. Goodwin comes a new cult classic in the tradition of The Blob and It Came from Outer Space. It's 1957, a spaceship has just landed in a quiet small town, and Earth is threatened by an unknown evil. But fear not, hope also has arrived. Will and Grace's Eric McCormack stars as an astronomer possessed by an alien bent on saving our humble planet. Yet even with the help of a diner waitress, is he any match for the Ghota, a rogue alien on a murderous rampage?


Aaron Brooks
Aaron Craven
Andrew Dunbar
Chelah Horsdal
Christina Schild
Dan Lauria
Daniella Evangelista
Dean Moen
Dee Jay Jackson
Eric Mccormack
Jenni Baird
Jerry Wasserman
Jody Thompson
Jonathon Young
Julia Arkos
Laura Carswell
Michael Roberds
Michael Roberds
Robert Patrick
Sage Brocklebank
Sarah Smyth
Tom Braidwood
Tom Mcbeath
Vincent Gale



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