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Adventures of Serial Buddies

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90 Minutes


Gregory is a devout Catholic who wants to kill evil people in order to grant them safe passage to heaven, Gary is an assembly worker at a trophy shop who wants to kill potential trophy winners, Graham is Gary's intern who will do anything to become a trophy maker and Vinny Van Go drives a road emergency van just to make friends. A coincidental encounter forces these four dim witted rejects to join forces and embark upon an idiotic and altogether hilarious road trip adventure - encountering the likes of skinheads, fraternity jocks, sorority babes, missing children, bikers, porn-stars, clowns, and Kathie Lee Gifford! If the boys aren't careful they might just become human, in what is "the very first serial killer buddy movie of all time."


Artie Lange
Beth Behrs
Christopher Lloyd
David Proval
Gheorghe Muresan
Gian Molina
Henry Winkler
Kathie Lee Gifford
Maria Menounos
Paul Ashton
Richard Christy



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