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A Man Called Sledge

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93 Minutes


This brisk, action-packed Western stars Garner and Weaver as outlaw buddies who break into a maximum-securtiy prison in order to steal a half-million dollars worth of gold. The robbery a success, greed soon turns them against one another, culminating in a spectacular, blazing showdown in a small Mexican village.


Allan Jones
Angelo Infanti
Barta Barri
Bruno Corazzari
Claude Akins
Dennis Weaver
Didi Perego
Fausto Tozzi
Franco Balducci
Franco Giornelli
Giovanni Di Benedetto
Herman Reynoso
James Garner
John Marley
Ken Clark
Laura Antonelli
Laura Betti
Lorenzo Fineschi
Lorenzo Piani
Luciano Rossi
Mario Valgoi
Orso Maria Guerrini
Paola Barbara
Remo De Angelis
Riccardo Garrone
Steffen Zacharias
Tiberio Mitri
Tony Young
Wayde Preston



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