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A Handful of Dust

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118 Minutes


The wife's affair and a death in the family hasten the demise of an upper-class English marriage.We see the detritus of an abandoned camp in South America and a main character's hallucination. Then, the story beings. Tony and Brenda Last, lord and lady, live on his enormous estate with their young son. Tony's not much for parties, and Brenda joins London society, on the arm of a penniless man, John Beaver, a hanger-on at Tony's club. John is encouraged by his entrepreneurial mother, who sees a quid in Tony and Brenda. Brenda and John become lovers, Brenda spends more and more time in London, and Tony's without a clue. Then, bringing things to a head are tragedy, law suits, greed, and what should be a few-months' expedition to Brazil. We are each of us merely a handful of dust.


Alec Guinness
Anjelica Huston
Beatie Edney
Graham Crowden
Jackskon Kyle
James Wilby
Jeanne Watts
John Quentin
Judi Dench
Kate Percival
Kristin Scott Thomas
Lady Marcia Fitzalan-Howard
Marsha Fitzalan
Moyra Fraser
Norman Lumsden
Peggy Aitchison
Pip Torrens
Richard Beale
Richard Leech
Roger Miller
Rupert Graves
Stephen Fry
Timothy Bateson
Tristram Jellinek



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