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A Golden Christmas

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95 Minutes


After a magical summer together, a nine-year-old boy whispers his heart into the ear of a best friend. With a loyal, golden dog by their side, the boy and girl bury a time capsule of keepsakes then they go their separate ways. Years later, looking for a fresh start, a man and woman each return to the place they felt most at home as a child. But a comedic case of unknown identity has them competing for the same childhood memories, and Christmas escapades ensue. For the sake of their happiness, they must discover their common past before they turn each other s lives completely upside-down. Can a golden dog lead them home?


Alley Mills
Andrea Roth
Bruce Davison
Chastity Dotson
Daniel Zykov
Elisa Donovan
Jason London
Kali Majors
Melody Hollis
Nicholas Brendon
Robert Seay
Sam Cohen



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