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A Gift Wrapped Christmas

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90 Minutes


Starring Meredith Hagner, Travis Milne and Beverley Mitchell, "A Gift Wrapped Christmas" chronicles personal shopper Gwen's newest client, Charlie, a high-rolling, workaholic, single father. When Gwen meets his 8-year-old son during a package drop, she is saddened to see just how little time Charlie spends with him. Determined to get Charlie to appreciate his family, Gwen makes it her Christmas mission to get him into the festive spirit. As she gets closer to Charlie and Owen, she also discovers what she wants for the holidays.


Allison Warren
Anna Van Hooft
Anthony Bolognese
Bernard Cuffling
Beverley Mitchell
Billy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell
Catherine Barroll
Dave Collette
Dolores Drake
Elfina Luk
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Mark Mcconchie
Meredith Hagner
Michael Teigen
Nicole Oliver
Sheri Rabold
Travis Milne



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