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Hard to Handle

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78 Minutes


James Cagney dazzles the masses with his rat-a-tat patter in this rip-roaring pre-Code comedy costarring Mary Brian, Ruth Donnelly and Allen Jenkins. No matter what the product is, Lefty Merrill (Cagney) can sell it. A fast-talking press agent, Lefty puts his mouth where the money is as he tries to prove to his prospective mother-in-law (Donnelly) that he can support both her and her daughter (Brian) in style. Hustling everything from phony treasure hunts to bogus reducing creams, Lefty rakes in dough by the barrel. But when his campaign to hype Florida grapefruit farms gets him arrested for fraud, Lefty must dream up a dynamite scheme if he's to move the product, beat the rap and win the woman of his dreams.


Allen Jenkins
Allen Wood
Berton Churchill
Bess Flowers
Charles C. Wilson
Charles Eaton
Charles Sullivan
Claire Dodd
Clay Clement
Cliff Saum
Davison Clark
Don Brodie
Douglass Dumbrille
Eddie Kane
Emma Dunn
Eric Mayne
Fred Santley
G. Pat Collins
Gavin Gordon
Grace Hayle
Harry Holman
Harry Strang
Henry Otho
Jack Crawford
Jack Wise
James Cagney
John Sheehan
June Gittelson
Larry Mcgrath
Lester Dorr
Lew Kelly
Louise Mackintosh
Mary Brian
Mary Doran
Matt Mchugh
Robert Mcwade
Ruth Donnelly
Stanley Smith
Sterling Holloway
Tenen Holtz
Walter Walker
William H. Strauss



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