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Red Riding 1980

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The Red Riding Trilogy continues in this sequel that picks up six years after the events of the first film. The Yorkshire Ripper is continuing to prey on the young women of a dead-end town, and the local police have proven completely ineffective in solving the crimes. When Manchester detective Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine) arrives in Yorkshire to investigate, he discovers a number of inconsistencies in the official report, and begins to suspect foul play. Unfortunately for both Detective Hunter and the growing list of victims, the local police seem unusually tight-lipped about the case. Perhaps their refusal to aid Detective Hunter in his investigation has something to do with his previous visit to Yorkshire in 1974, when he rubbed the local authorities the wrong way while investigating a shooting. As Detective Hunter delves deeper into the case, it becomes increasingly obvious that incompetence isn't likely to blame for the lack of progress made by Yorkshire police.


Andrew Garfield
Charlotte James
David Calder
David Morrissey
Eddie Marsan
James Fox
James Weaver
Jim Carter
Joseph Mawle
Kelly Freemantle
Lesley Sharp
Maxine Peake
Michelle Holmes
Nicholas Woodeson
Paddy Considine
Peter Mullan
Robert Michael Sheehan
Ron Cook
Sean Harris
Shaun Dooley
Tony Mooney
Tony Pitts
Warren Clarke



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