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The Astronaut Farmer

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104 Minutes


Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen star in this inspiring, uplifting and heart-warming story of one family's quest for the stars. Thornton plays Charlie Farmer, a man determined to fly his own rocket into outer space. His family, and soon the entire town believe in his dream and join him in the adventure of a lifetime. Together, they challenge the system and discover the true meaning of courage and pioneer spirit.


Benjamin Petry
Bill Allen
Billy Bob Thornton
Bruce Dern
Charlie B. Brown
Dallas Raines
David House
David Sullivan
Deborah Martinez
Doris Hargrave
Elise Eberle
Esodie Geiger
Eugene Nomura
Forrest Fyre
Gary Houston
Graham Beckel
Ida Darvish
J. Michael Oliva
J.D. Garfield
J.K. Simmons
Jasper Polish
Jay Leno
Jennifer Chu
Jenny Gabrielle
Joe Solís
John Burke
Jon Gries
Julie White
Kathleen Arc
Kathy Lamkin
Kevin Wiggins
Kiersten Warren
Logan Polish
Lois Geary
Marc Miles
Mark Delisle
Mark Polish
Marshall Bell
Mary Sue Evans
Matthew Kimbrough
Max Thieriot
Olive Gallagher
Richard Edson
Richard Gunn
Rick Overton
Robert Michael Lee
Robyn Reede
Roy Costley
Sal Lopez
Scarlett Mcalister
Steve Cormier
Tim Blake Nelson
Vikrum Shah
Virginia Madsen
Yvans Jourdain



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