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Force Majeure

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118 Minutes


This wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family—handsome businessman Tomas, his willowy wife Ebba and their two blond children— on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but during a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche suddenly bears down on the happy diners. With people fleeing in all directions and his wife and children in a state of panic, Tomas makes a decision that will shake his marriage to its core and leave him struggling to reclaim his role as family patriarch.


Adrian Heinisch
Brady Corbet
Clara Wettergren
Ekaterina Ilina
Fanni Metelius
Johannes Kuhnke
Johannes Moustos
Jorge Lattof
Julie Roumegoux
Karin Myrenberg
Karl Pinçon
Kristofer Hivju
Lisa Loven Kongsli
Martin Chertudi
Michael Breitenberger
Natacha Mutomb Dackén
Peter Gaunt
Vera Kolupaeva
Vincent Wettergren



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