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The Imitation Game

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113 Minutes


Benedict Cumberbatch (TV's SHERLOCK, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS) shines as real-life war hero and pioneer of modern-day computing, Alan Turing. THE IMITATION GAME follows Turing as he leads a motley crew of scholars, linguists, chess champions, and intelligence officers in cracking the so-called unbreakable codes of Germany's World War II Enigma machine, potentially saving millions of lives by helping to shorten the war. Also depicted is Turing's tragic fall from grace when he was convicted of homesexuality - a crime in post-war Britain. Co-starring Academy Award®-nominee Keira Knightley of BEGIN AGAIN and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FRANCHISE.


Adam Nowell
Alex Corbet Burcher
Alex Lawther
Alexander Cooper
Alice Tapfield
Allen Leech
Amber-Rose May
Ancuta Breaban
Andrew Havill
Bartosz Wandrykow
Ben Farrow
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benjamin Hardie
Charles Dance
Charlie Manton
Daniel Chapple
David Charkham
David G. Robinson
Denis Koroshko
Dominik Charman
Esther Eden
Grace Calder
Guna Gultniece
Hannah Flynn
Harry Leonard Parkinson
Hayley Joanne Bacon
Ilan Goodman
Ingrid Benussi
Jack Bannon
Jack Bannon
Jack Brash
Jack Tarlton
James G. Nunn
James Gard
James Northcote
John Redmann
Joseph Oliveira
Josh Wichard
Keira Knightley
Lauren Beacham
Laurence Kennedy
Leigh Dent
Lese Asquith-Coe
Lisa Colquhoun
Luke Hope
Mark Strong
Matthew Beard
Matthew Goode
Mike Firth
Miranda Bell
Nicola-Jayne Wells
Nicolas Blatt
Oscar Hatton
Peter Brown
Richard Campbell
Rory Kinnear
Sam Exley
Samantha Moran
Steven Waddington
Stuart Matthews
Tim Steed
Tim Van Eyken
Tom Goodman-Hill
Tuppence Middleton
Victoria Wicks
Vincent Idearson
Viv Weatherall
William Bowden



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