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121 Minutes


World-famous action hero Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Rumble In The Bronx) is the dashing Hong Kong millionaire businessman C.N., who battles his corporate rival Howie by day and wines and dines sexy women by night. C.N. faces his greatest challenge when he meets beautiful young country girl Bu and falls hopelessly in love! New to glamorous Hong Kong from her tiny fishing town village, Bu takes on the identity of a notorious gangster's girlfriend to win C.N.'s heart. But when Howie sets a vicious surprise trap for him, C.N. must prepare to fight for his lady, and his life! Fast-paced and filled with both romance and eye-popping stunts, this action film isn't pretty, it's GORGEOUS.


Annie Wu
Bradley James Allan
Carmen Soo
Chan Chung-Yung
Eileen Tung
Elaine Jin
Emil Chow Wah-Kin
Jackie Chan
Jacqueline Li
Jo Kuk
Ken Lo
Richie Ren
Sandra Ng
Shu Qi
Stephen Chow
Sung Young Chen
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Wakin Chau
William Chan



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