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Across the Plains

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59 Minutes


A gang of outlaws attack a wagon train and orphan two young brothers: Jack and Jimmy. The outlaws take Jimmy with them, while Jack is adopted by an Indian tribe. When they grow up, Jack (Randall) is protecting a shipment of gold, while Jimmy (Moore), now known as the "Kansas Kid," works with the gang out outlaws to steal it. The two clash in the attempted robbery, but before the two men can kill each other, Buckskin, the old wagon train master from their childhood, reveals their true relationship to one another. Jimmy discovers one of the outlaws was murdered their parents, and he crosses sides. An exciting final shootout ensues between the two brothers and the outlaws, with deadly consequences. One of Jack Randall's best westerns.


Addison Randall
Bob Card
Bud Osborne
Buddy Cox
Dennis Moore
Frank Yaconelli
Glenn Strange
Hal Price
Iron Eyes Cody
Joyce Bryant
Monte Rawlins
Texi-Ray Cox
Wylie Grant



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