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The Case of the Black Parrot

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59 Minutes


In this classic crime thriller, passengers start to die aboard a transatlantic ship while a reporter (William Lundigan) races against time to stop a notorious international criminal before he kills again. After falling for a beautiful passenger (Maris Wrixon), the reporter becomes intrigued by the mysterious circumstances surrounding an antique chest her uncle recently purchased. They suspect it's a master forgery by the infamous Black Parrot, but before the couple can make any headway in their investigation, her uncle is found dead. Based on Eleanor Robeson Belmont and Harriet Ford's play and Burton E. Stevenson's novel, this provocative mystery serves up perplexing false clues, unexpected twists and a truly surprising conclusion.


Charles D. Waldron
Cliff Saum
Cyril Thornton
Eddie Foy, Jr.
Emory Parnell
Ernie Stanton
Jack Mower
Joseph Crehan
Kenneth Harlan
Leyland Hodgson
Luli Deste
Maris Wrixon
Paul Cavanagh
Phyllis Barry
William Hopper
William Lundigan



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