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South Of Santa Fe

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53 Minutes


In this present-day western, Roy Rogers takes three investors to visit undeveloped gold mines near his dying home town in New Mexico, in order to revitalize the area. However, a logal gangster Harmon (Fix) and his gang decides to kidnap the three men and hold them for ransom. Roy and his friends have to face modern weapons such as tommy guns, airplanes, two-way radios, fast cars, and smart big city gangsters in order to free the investors and save his town.


Arthur Loft
Bert Dillard
Bob Burns
Bob Nolan
Carleton Young
Charles Miller
Chick Hannan
Frank Brownlee
Fred Burns
George 'Gabby' Hayes
George Anderson
Hank Bell
Henry Wills
Hugh Farr
Jack Ingram
Jack Kirk
Jack Montgomery
Jack O'Shea
Jane Keckley
Judy Clark
Karl Farr
Ken Cooper
Linda Hayes
Lloyd Perryman
Lynton Brent
Marin Sais
Marlo Dwyer
Merrill Mccormick
Milburn Morante
Pat Brady
Paul Fix
Robert Strange
Roy Rogers
Rube Dalroy
Sam Flint
Sons Of The Pioneers
Spade Cooley
Tim Spencer



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