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95 Minutes


Altman is a touching, respectful, illuminating survey of the life and works of one of the most innovative, influential and independent directors in American cinema history. While refusing to bow down to Hollywood's conventions, or its executives, Altman's unique style of filmmaking won him friends and enemies, earned him world-wide praise and occasionally scathing criticism. With a career spanning M*A*S*H, The Player, Gosford Park, and more, Altman proved that it is possible to make truly independent films. This illuminating documentary includes contributions from Robin Williams, Julianne Moore, Paul Thomas Anderson, Bruce Willis, and many more of the people who knew and worked with Robert Altman.


Bruce Willis
Elliott Gould
James Caan
Julianne Moore
Keith Carradine
Lily Tomlin
Lyle Lovett
Michael Murphy
Paul Thomas Anderson
Philip Baker Hall
Robert Altman
Robin Williams
Sally Kellerman



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