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Rock Star

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105 Minutes


Academy Award-nominee Mark Wahlberg ("The Departed," "The Perfect Storm") stars with Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Jennifer Aniston ("Rumor Has It...," "The Break-Up") as an Akron, Ohio, copier repairman who moonlights as the lead singer of a heavy-metal tribute band. One day, his wildest dreams come true after band members of the group he's been emulating see him in action and ask him to replace their lead singer. Also starring Dominic West ("300," "Hannibal Rising"), Timothy Spall (the third and fourth "Harry Potter" movies, "The Last Samurai"), Timothy Olyphant (TV's "Deadwood," "Dreamcatcher") and Jason Flemying ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Snatch"). Directed by Stephen Herek ("101 Dalmatians," "Mr. Holland's Opus"). Based on a true story, with rock stars Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Ed Roland of Collective Soul, and many more making appearances!


Amy Miller
Beth Grant
Blas Elias
Brian Friedman
Brian Vander Ark
Carey Lessard
Carrie Stevens
Cati Jean
Chad Azadan
Cynthia Fuhrer
Dagmara Domińczyk
Dominic West
Edward Jenkins
Eric Weinstein
Frederick E. Kowalo
Gabriel Ramírez
Gene Baxter
Gia Franzia
Gregory Hinton
Hailie Brennand
Heidi Mark
Jamal Weathers
Jamie White
Jamie Williams
Jason Bonham
Jason Flemyng
Jeff Pilson
Jeffrey Wetzel
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Edmond
Jennifer Rovero
Jennifer Uilani Warren
Kara Zediker
Keith Loneker
Kelly Knox
Kevin Ryder
Kirk Enochs
Kristin Richardson
Linda Cevallos
Lorna Scott
Mark Wahlberg
Matthew Glave
Michael Shamus Wiles
Myles Kennedy
Natalie Raynes
Neil Zlozower
Nick Catanese
Rachel Hunter
Ralph Saenz
Sami Reed
Sonya Stephens
Stephan Jenkins
Tabbatha Mays
Ted Napolitano
Timothy Olyphant
Timothy Spall
Tomasina Parrott
Udee Mcgeoy
Ursula Whittaker
Vitamin C
William Martin Brennan
Zachary Woodlee
Zakk Wylde



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