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Midnight Mary

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74 Minutes


A young woman is on trial for murder. In flashback, we learn of her struggles to overcome poverty as a teenager -- a mistaken arrest and prison term for shoplifting and lack of employment lead to involvement with gangsters. In a brothel, she meets a young lawyer, scion of a wealthy and prestigious family, who falls for her and helps her turn around her life. But her past catches up with her, and she must face the music rather than cause him scandal.


Andy Devine
Bill Elliott
Charles Mcavoy
Charley Grapewin
Don Brodie
Ernie Adams
Franchot Tone
Frank Conroy
Halliwell Hobbes
Harold Huber
Ivan F. Simpson
Kathrin Clare Ward
Lee Phelps
Loretta Young
Louise Beavers
Lynton Brent
Martha Sleeper
Mike Donlin
Miki Morita
Nelson Mcdowell
Phillips Smalley
Philo Mccullough
Reginald Barlow
Ricardo Cortez
Richard Tucker
Robert Dudley
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Robert Greig
Sandy Roth
Una Merkel
Warren Hymer
Wilfred Lucas



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