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Dangerous Money

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66 Minutes


En route to Samoa to investigate money and artworks stolen during the Japanese invasion of the Phillipines, Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) finds himself in the middle of a string of shipboard murders when the man who hired Chan dies thousands of miles from land. The intrepid detective ust identify the culprit from among the ship's passengers -- a professional knife thrower, a trader in cotton goods, an ichthyologist and his wife, a Polynesian restaurant owner, a missionary couple and an English tourist who is in love with the ship's purser -- before the murderer kills again. Aiding him in his quest are Number Two Son Jimmy Chan (Victor Sen Young) and faithful fill-in chauffeur Chattanooga Brown (Willie Best), armed with the latest in criminological techniques and training.


Alan Douglas
Amira Moustafa
Bruce Edwards
Dick Elliott
Dudley Dickerson
Gloria Warren
John Harmon
Joseph Allen
Joseph Crehan
Rick Vallin
Selmer Jackson
Sidney Toler
Tris Coffin
Victor Sen Yung
Willie Best



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