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97 Minutes


Ralph Nelson, director of Lilies of the Field, returns to the subject of race relations in America for a thoroughly different take in Tick…Tick...Tick…. Tensions are taken off the back-burner slow simmer and are placed on full boil in Tick…Tick…Tick…'s tale of a black Southern sheriff trapped between the rock and a hard place of two communities separated by skin color and decades of bigotry. Newly elected, Sheriff Jimmy Price (Jim Brown) offers no favors or privileges to either community, and quickly earns the ire of both. Warned by the mayor against consulting outsiders (the great Fredric March in his penultimate film performance), Price navigates the tensions until one arrest places him directly in the eye of a hurricane of hate. With only the former sheriff to support him (George Kennedy) Price must try to defuse the tensions before the town explodes.


Almira Sessions
Anne Whitfield
Anthony James
Barry Cahill
Bernie Casey
Beverly Taylor
Calvin Brown
Clifton James
Dan Frazer
Dino Washington
Don Stroud
Dub Taylor
Ernest Anderson
Fredric March
George Cisar
George Kennedy
Janet Maclachlan
Jim Brown
Karl Swenson
Leonard O. Smith
Lynn Carlin
Mills Watson
Paulene Myers
Renny Rooker
Richard Elkins
Robert Random
Roy Glenn
William Walker



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