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30 Days of Night: Dark Days

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92 Minutes


Riddled with grief over the death of her husband, bound by nightmares and void of all emotions beyond hate and sorrow, Stella has been traveling the world, trying to convince others that vampires exist. She's ready to give up when a group of lost souls offers an incredible opportunity: the chance to exact revenge upon Lilith, the vampire queen responsible for the assault on Stella's Alaskan town.


Aaron Harrison
Andrew Stehlin
Ben Cotton
Diora Baird
Evguenia Ivanova
Harold Perrineau Jr.
Jackson Berlin
James Pizzinato
John Desantis
Karen Elizabeth Austin
Katharine Isabelle
Katie Keating
Kiele Sanchez
Marco Soriano
Mia Kirshner
Monique Ganderton
Peter Hall
Rhys Coiro
Richard Stroh
Sarah-Jane Redmond
Stacey Roy
Stephen Huszar
Troy Ruptash



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