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Life Partners

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95 Minutes


Watch Now Before It's In Theatres. Paige (Gillian Jacobs) and Sasha (Leighton Meester) act more like an old married couple than best friends. They are the perfect yin and yang - Paige is a straight type-A lawyer, while Sasha is a gay impulsive musician. They encourage one another to meet romantic partners, until the night Paige meets Tim (Adam Brody). As Paige and Tim's relationship grows, Sasha feels like she's just been dumped. Sasha seeks escape through the usual avenues – pot, reality TV, younger women - and Paige can't help but judge as her own life becomes more adult each day. Is this growing up or just growing apart?


Abby Elliott
Adam Brody
Aj Meijer
Anne O'Shea
Beth Dover
Elizabeth Ho
Gabourey Sidibe
Gillian Jacobs
Greer Grammer
John Forest
Julie White
Kate Mckinnon
Leighton Meester
Mark Feuerstein
Mary Page Keller
Matthew Cardarople
Monte Markham
Simone Bailly
Zee James



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