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Attack of the Morningside Monster

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In the town of Morningside, New Jersey, Sheriff Tom Haulk (Robert Pralgo, The Vampire Diaries) maintains a quiet peace. Beyond the typical bar brawls and unfortunate reality of the local drug runners, he doesn't stress too much about his job. And then a body is found outside of town, ritualistically murdered. He and his deputy, Klara Austin (Tiffany Shepis, Exit to Hell), investigate. The usual suspects include Clyde Miller, head of the drug gang, and his lackeys. When gang members start disappearing, with strange symbols left in their wake, the officers begin to suspect a serial killer. After Tom's friend Mark is attacked at the local high school, a renewed sense of urgency drives the detectives. Klara and Tom are each thrown into violent confrontations with the Monster, who is revealed to be wearing a ritualistic tribal mask. With time running out, Tom and Klara race towards a shocking conclusion that threatens to destroy the very foundation of Morningside.


Antonio Madison
April Bogenschutz
Catherine Taber
Matt Kabus
Nicholas Brendon
Ray Lloyd
Robert Pralgo
Tiffany Shepis



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