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Gallant Sons

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76 Minutes


High school sleuths Jackie Cooper, Bonita Granville and Gene Reynolds prove solving a murder is mere child's play in this fast-paced whodunit, costarring Gail Patrick and Ian Hunter. When his gambler father (Hunter) is wrongly convicted of murder, Johnny Davis (Reynolds) is determined to prove his dad's innocence. Following a series of clues that point to the real killer, Johnny and pals By (Cooper), Kate (Granville) and Doc (Leo Gorcey) decide to stage a play that will force a confession and drop the curtain on a murderer. Also starring Tommy Kelly (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), Billy Watson (The Shop Around the Corner) and June Preisser (Strike Up the Band), Gallant Sons is a satisfying, amusing and smartly paced mystery featuring the most famous juvenile stars of the era.


Bill Cartledge
Blossom Rock
Bonita Granville
Charles Bancroft
Charlotte Wynters
Chris Marie Meeker
Claire Owen
Cliff Danielson
Dick Botiller
Donald Douglas
Edward Ashley
Edward Cooper
El Brendel
Ferike Boros
Frank Hagney
Frank Orth
Gail Patrick
Gene Reynolds
George Lessey
George Lloyd
George Magrill
Harry Depp
Harry Seymour
Harry Strang
Ian Hunter
Jackie Cooper
Jimmie Lucas
Joe Yule
John Dilson
June Preisser
King Baggot
Larry Steers
Lee Phelps
Leo Gorcey
Lillian Elliott
Linda Gage
Louis Natheaux
Marie Blake
Minor Watson
Mitchell Lewis
Ralph Dunn
Richard Cramer
Ruth Robinson
Selmer Jackson
Tommy Kelly
William Tannen
William Tracy



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