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In Old Colorado

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62 Minutes


Like the first Cassidy western, Hop-A-Long Cassidy, this one has a villainous foreman who is causing trouble between two ranches for his own nefarious ends. Ma Woods is caught up in a potential range war with her neighboring ranch, the Arrow H, run by wealthy cattleman, George Davidson, and his foreman, Joe Weiler (Morris Ankrum). They each suspect the other of raiding their cattle, and Davidson is fencing off his waterholes to keep Ma Woods out, which will decimate Ma's and the other small ranchers' herds. To make matters worse, the bank notes for Ma and several other ranchers are coming due and they can�t find buyers for their cattle. Desperate for cash, Ma wires her old friend, Buck Peters of the Bar 20, to buy her cattle. Cassidy is dispatched with his pals Lucky and California, and $20,000, to buy Ma's cattle, but on his way to Ma's ranch in Cooperstown, Colorado, Hoppy is robbed of his monogramed money belt. After arriving in town, Hoppy realizes that someone at Ma's ranch had tipped off a third party to have Hoppy robbed. To discover the "mole," Hoppy, Lucky and California sign on as cowhands at Ma's ranch. When Davidson visits the ranch and blows their identity, Hoppy explains to both parties that a third party is responsible for their troubles. Sure enough, Hoppy spots a cowhand slipping away at night and the boys follow him to a rendezvous with Davidson's forman, Weiler, and a gang of rustlers. Now realizing who the perpetrator is, they capture Weiler, recover the stolen $20,000 and complete the transaction for the cattle, saving Ma's ranch and restoring peace to the ranchers.


Andy Clyde
Art Felix
Bill Nestell
Cliff Nazarro
Curley Dresden
Dick Dickinson
Eddy Waller
Henry Wills
James Seay
John Beach
Margaret Hayes
Morgan Wallace
Morris Ankrum
Philip Van Zandt
Russell Hayden
Sarah Padden
Stanley Andrews
Ted Wells
Weldon Heyburn
Wen Wright
William Boyd



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