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That Hagen Girl

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83 Minutes


Tom Bates (Ronald Reagan) has returned to Jordan, Ohio, after 18 years, rekindling the gossip that he fathered an illegitimate baby before he left. Mary Hagen (Shirley Temple), the now-grown subject of those rumors, soon finds herself an unwitting target for the town's malicious whispers and lies. So when her mother dies without explaining her past, a tormented Mary turns to Tom for the truth about a scandal that ruined her life before it ever began. Said to be Temple's favorite adult movie, That Hagen Girl also features 20-year-old Lois Maxwell as the former child star's on-screen teacher and friend. Winner of the 1948 Golden Globe as New Star of the Year, Maxwell would achieve screen immortality as Miss Moneypenny, a role she played in the first 14 James Bond films, from Dr. No (1962) to A View to a Kill (1985).


Barbara Brown
Charles Kemper
Conrad Janis
Dorothy Peterson
Douglas Kennedy
Frank Conroy
Harry Davenport
Jean Porter
Kathryn Card
Lois Maxwell
Moroni Olsen
Nella Walker
Penny Edwards
Ronald Reagan
Rory Calhoun
Shirley Temple
Tom Fadden
Winifred Harris



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