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Watch the Birdie

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71 Minutes


Not one, not two, but three Red Skeltons zig-zag through this madcap adventure and turn Watch the Birdie into a real treat! The crown prince of clownery flusters his way through high jinks involving three beautiful women and two suave crooks, making this story of a bumbling photographer one picture-perfect film.Trying to raise enough money to save his camera store from foreclosure, Rusty Cameron (Skelton) rents a newsreel camera and goes hunting for a story. Encouraged by his father (also played by Skelton) and teased by his grandfather (Skelton again!), Rusty plunges forward and nearly drowns in the harbor. Rescued by a beautiful and lonely heiress (Arlene Dahl) and tempted by the gorgeous Ann Miller, Rusty lands in the middle of a villainous plot that has just the right touches of romance and pratfalls -- with Rusty, of course, saving the girl and the day!


Ann Miller
Arlene Dahl
Leon Ames
Pamela Britton
Red Skelton
Richard Rober



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