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Music for Millions

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117 Minutes


The women of a touring symphonic orchestra are a tightly knit group, and they're not about to let the secret they hold slip through the knitting. They'll wait until fragile, pregnant bassist, Barbara Ainsworth (June Allyson), has her baby before letting her know about a War Dept. telegram that says her husband is missing in action in the WWII Pacific. But Barbara begins to notice differences in the way the women are acting around her. The all-star Music for Millions is part weepie, part comedy, part morale booster and, all in all, a stirring showcase of works by Chopin, Debussy, Grieg and others. José Iturbi adds his gifted screen presence and talents as the orchestra's conductor. Jimmy Durante provides warmth and comedy relief that includes his nightclub favorite "Umbriago." And Margaret O'Brien's endearing performance as "Mike" capped a year that resulted in a special Academy Award for Outstanding Child Actress of 1944.


Harry Davenport
Hugh Herbert
Jimmy Durante
José Iturbi
June Allyson
Larry Adler
Margaret O'Brien
Marsha Hunt
Mary Parker



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