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Starred Up

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100 Minutes


Condemned to an adult prison, an explosively violent young man is forced to fight for survival as criminal forces attempt to control him for their own good. Help comes from the unlikeliest source, his estranged father also serving time.


Aisha Walters
Amma Boateng
Anthony Adjekum
Anthony Welsh
Ashley Chin
Ben Mendelsohn
C.C. Smiff
C.C. Smiff
Darren Hart
David Ajala
David Avery
Duncan Airlie James
Edna Caskey
Frederick Schmidt
Gershwyn Eustache Jnr
Ian Beattie
Jack O'Connell
James Doran
Jonathan Asser
Mark Asante
Matt Faris
Paddy Rocks
Peter Ferdinando
Raphael Sowole
Rupert Friend
Ryan Mckenna
Ryan Mckenna
Sam Spruell
Sian Breckin
Tommy Mcdonnell



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