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Dancing Ninja

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An ancient Ninja legend is fulfilled when a tiny baby from Los Angeles arrives by sea to a family somewhere in distant Asia. This boy, named Ikki, who has always felt out of place in the strange land, grows up learning amazing acrobatic and dance moves from a mysterious ninja master who forbids him from joining his legendary martial arts school. But when the ninja master is attacked by an American, action movie-star as David Hasselhoff, Ikki suddenly realizes that his destiny is to return to America and avenge his teacher's attack by using his powerful dance skills. In Beverly Hills, Ikki and a beautiful young girl, Kimi, join forces and use their unique training to fight evil and discover what it truly means to be an elite Dancing Ninja!


Anthony Shim
Bree Turner
David Hasselhoff
Elise Estrada
Eric Tsang
Gary Hudson
Lucas Grabeel
Patrick Gallagher
Terryn Westbrook



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