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The Butterfly Room

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87 Minutes


The Butterfly Room, an American supernatural thriller with a European feeling, is the third long feature of Jonathan Zarantonello, an Italian director who lives and works in Los Angeles. This dark fairytale is the sensational return of the Queen of all Scream Queens, British horror legend Barbara Steele (The Pit and the Pendulum, Black Sunday, 8½). And it doesn't stop there, as she's joined by other scream queens such as Heather Langenkamp from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ertica Leerhsen from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, P.J. Soles of Carrie and Halloween fame, Adrienne King from Friday the 13th and Camille Keaton from I Spit On Your Grave. And let's not forget the weaker gender: Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Dead End) and James Karen (Mullholland Drive).


Adrienne King
Autumn Wendel
Barbara Steele
Camille Keaton
Ellery Sprayberry
Erica Leerhsen
Heather Langenkamp
James Karen
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
Joe Dante
Julia Putnam
Lorin Mccraley
Massi Furlan
P. J. Soles
Ray Wise
Steve West



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