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Love On A Bet

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77 Minutes


Gene Raymond sticks out a thumb and pulls in a plum in this diverting and fresh screwball comedy co-starring Wendy Barrie and Helen Broderick. When no one will finance his play, would-be producer Michael MacCreigh (Raymond) bets his rich uncle he can leave New York without money or clothes and arrive in Los Angeles 10 days later with a good suit, a hundred bucks in his pocket and a beautiful fiancée to boot. If Michael wins, his uncle will produce the play; if he loses, he'll give up the stage and work in the family meatpacking business. Clad in only his skivvies, Michael soon hitches a ride with a gold-digging redhead (Barrie) and her wisecracking aunt (Broderick) as he races across the country to win cash, clothes and Love on a Bet.


Addison Randall
Billy Gilbert
Bud Geary
Eddie Gribbon
Eddie Kane
Edith Craig
Edward Peil Sr.
Frank Marlowe
Gene Raymond
Hal Craig
Harry Strang
Helen Broderick
Irving Bacon
J. Anthony Hughes
Jack Rice
Jerry Larkin
Jim Mason
Lee Shumway
Lester Dorr
Lloyd Ingraham
Lynton Brent
Marc Lawrence
Mary Maclaren
Max Wagner
Maxine Jennings
Morgan Wallace
Philip Morris
Ray Cooke
Spencer Charters
Walter Johnson
Wendy Barrie
Wilfred Lucas
William B. Davidson
William Collier Sr.
William Gould



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