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Flesh and Bone

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126 Minutes


Arlis Sweeney (Dennis Quaid) leads a life as simple and unchanging as his native West Texas plains. He stocks vending machines, moving from town to town and from one familiar lover to another. Kay Davies (Meg Ryan) also calls the road her home. Running from a broken marriage, she doesn't know where she's headed, but any place is better than where she's been. Fate brings them together and gives them a future, until a figure from the past–Arlis's father (James Caan) –awakens a memory as deep and dark as a grave: a family history written in cold blood. From the writer of The Fabulous Baker Boys and Wonder Boys, and co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow in her first major feature film role.


Barbara Alyn Woods
Craig Erickson
Dennis Quaid
Ez Perez
Gwyneth Paltrow
James Caan
James N. Harrell
Jerry Swindall
Joe Berryman
Julia Mcneal
Meg Ryan
Ron Kuhlman
Ryan Bohls
Scott Wilson



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