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The Live From Austin, Texas series takes the classic performances from the award winning Austin City Limits TV show and makes them available to consumers with improved audio quality and bonus songs that were cut from the original broadcast. This latest set includes performances from some of country music's Outlaws including Waylon Jennings, trailblazers who didn't follow the trends and refused to play by the rules set by Music Row. This release is taken from Waylon's April 1989 visist to the Austin City Limits stages. Also available on CD.


Billy Zane
Carly Steel
Daniel Faraldo
Daniel O'Meara
Danny Huston
David Lipper
Demetrius Navarro
Guy Burnet
Ian Duncan
Izabella Miko
Jack Huston
Jacqueline Bisset
Jamie Harris
Julia Verdin
Julie Marcus
Laura Clery
Lydia Hearst
Peter Foldy
Richard Portnow
Rosie Fellner
Scott Burn
Sienna Miller



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