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Two Lives

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97 Minutes


Europe 1990, the Berlin wall has just crumbled: Katrine, raised in East Germany, but now living in Norway for the last 20 years, is a “war child”; the result of a love relationship between a Norwegian woman and a German occupation soldier during World War II. She enjoys a happy family life with her mother, her husband, daughter and granddaughter. But when a lawyer asks her and her mother to witness in a trial against the Norwegian state on behalf of the war children, she resists. Gradually, a web of concealments and secrets is unveiled, until Katrine is finally stripped of everything, and her loved ones are forced to take a stand: What carries more weight, the life they have lived together, or the lie it is based on?


Christian Steyer
Daniel Krauss
Dennis Storhøi
Ellen Brigitte Winthe
Holger Handtke
Julia Bache-Wiig
Juliane Köhler
Jürgen Rißmann
Ken Duken
Klara Manzel
Liv Ullmann
Mathias Harrebye-Brandt
Rainer Bock
Ralf Dittrich
Sven Nordin
Thomas Lawincky
Thorbjørn Harr
Ursula Werner
Vicky Krieps



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